Purple Tea

  • Purple tea is taking the world by storm! Although technically classed as a green tea, its antioxidant levels are off the chart, with 1.5x more than green or black teas. Enjoy this fruity specialist tea with its overtones of black plum and a mildly woody nose. The liquor exhibits a lovely amber-violet color. A unique tea!
  • Purple tea is one of the big new players in the world of tea. Our Purple Tea is from the Camellia Sinensis Assamica, var. TRFK 306/1, and is our only true ‘tea’ that we sell. The cultivar is amazing! Its name is from its distinctive purple leaves.  
  • Purple tea is a brand new special tea varietal, developed and grown uniquely in Kenya. All Emrok Tea is 100% pesticide free, and they are Rainforest Alliance (SAN) certified, ISO 22000 certified, participants in the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), members of the Tea Board of Kenya, and Kenya Board of Standards (KEBS) approved.
  • Grown in Nandi County in Kenya's Rift Valley, Emrok was established in 1962 and covers 1,000 acres at an altitude of 2,000 meters. The cold climate and volcanic soil is favorable for tea growing and accounts for the excellent quality of the tea. It was featured in Life Extension magazine in 2018 - check it out for a lot more details!