Gifts & Bundles

Looking for the perfect gift for the tea-lover in your life? We've got you covered! We have bundles of all our teas, hand-selected by ourselves to take the guesswork out of shopping. You're welcome. ;-) 

For Christmas, our Mega Christmas Box is perfect: 8 festive teas + a tea ball, all wrapped up in a big beautiful box. Seriously, it's gorgeous. We also have bundles for all occasions and all tea drinkers and times of day. Plus, a little surprise extra thrown in for free in all bundles! 

Teaware is a great gift as well, as you can guarantee it fits and they'll love it no matter how fussy they are about the taste of tea! Remember to throw in a tea ball or some DIY teabags to really impress.

Plus, for every bundle you buy, we will plant a tree with the #teamtrees movement, fighting climate change one tree at a time. So you can do your part in saving the environment AND enjoy a cuppa along the way!

The Perfect Gift Box


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