Pure Green Teas

We have put together a beautifully explorers' selection for you to try! Sweet Jasmine Organic, Tenderly Sweet Classic Sencha, Superior Buttery Dragonwell & Glorious Genmaicha Green Tea

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We are Superfood Teas for Focus & Peace

Feel Good with our all natural ethical leaf teas, premium Alternatives to Matcha:

Green, White & Purple Tea, Rooibos, Mate, Chamomile, Moringa, Tulsi and Blend@Home

We. Love. Our. Tea.

Hello! We are a US-UK tea loving team, now settled after 5 years @TravellingforTea

In our travels we saw the growing popularity of matcha worldover but struggled to like it ourselves. It's expensive and often bitter, and so often cut with sugar & fat in lattes & smoothies

Our solution? A curated variety of superfood teas that taste great but are calorie free: antioxidant-packed ethically-sourced leaf tea

With a host of delicious green and white teas and loads of caffeine free herbals, we specialize in teas for Focus & Peace

- Elizabeth & Vientiene Ta'eed, Founders of MatchaAlternatives.com

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