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Make Your Tea Greener: Sustainable Tea Drinking

Which is more sustainable: looseleaf or teabags? Paper vs plastic? Coffee vs tea?

Gifts & Bundles Collection by Matcha Alternatives

Gifts & Bundles

Masala Chai Tea Spice Mixes Collection


We. Love. Our. Tea.

We are a US-UK tea-loving couple, now settled down after spending 5 years @TravellingforTea all around the world

During this time we saw the growing popularity of Matcha but struggled to like it ourselves. It's expensive and often bitter, and so always cut with sugar & fat in lattes & smoothies

Our solution? A curated variety of superfood teas that taste great while remaining calorie free: antioxidant-packed ethically-sourced leaf tea.

With a host of delicious green teas and caffeine free herbals, we specialize in teas for Focus & Peace.

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- Elizabeth & Vientiene Taeed, Founders of MatchaAlternatives.com

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