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A crucial question for today - how can we reduce our blood pressure? Read on for the best teas to reduce hypertension, whether true teas,...
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Tulsi holy basil is an ancient herbal tea with a ton of goodness! Learn about holy basil's benefits, from lungs and the immune system to stress and...
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We. Love. Our. Tea.

Hello! We are a US-UK tea loving team, who spent 5 years @TravellingforTea

In our travels we saw the growing popularity of matcha worldover but struggled to like it ourselves. So often cut with sugar & fat in smoothies, lattes & cookies, the antioxidants being overwhelmed!

Our solution? A curated variety of superfood tea alternatives: 

Climate friendly ethically sourced looseleaf teas

- Elizabeth & Vientiene Ta'eed, Founders of

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