Antioxidants, without the matcha misery.

Ever noticed how matcha is always in a sugary smoothie, fatty latte, or calorific cake. Why? No one likes the taste! Time to try something new: All the antioxidants, none of the cost or calories,!

Moringa - the ultimate alternative

Moringa powder has more antioxidants than matcha, wakes you up without the caffeine shakes, goes great in your smoothie, actually tastes good and is half the price of matcha. It can also be used in the Japanese tea ceremony, so you can still use your whisk and chawan

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Yerba Mate - the mega caffeine alternative

Get ready to wake up with this super high caffeine antioxidant powerhouse, but without the caffeine shakes. Mate also has the complex 'ronda de mate' ceremony if you're looking to elevate your tea drinking

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Rooibos - the antioxidant decaf alternative

Loads of antioxidants, especially in our green rooibos and honeybush teas without the caffeine, with the (calorie-free) tasty flavors and blends

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Purple tea - the premium alternative

Coming to us from Kenya, this new tea has 1.5x more antioxidants than green tea, and is full of caffeine and hefty dose of anthocyanins (the same compound that makes blueberries blue)

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Chamomile - the sleepy time alternative

Soothing on the tummy and the perfect tea to help you fall asleep. It's naturally decaffeinated and tastes like summer. It is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known, often used to fight indigestion and anxiety

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Tulsi Holy Basil - the insomniac's alternative

Naturally decaf, Tulsi is a sweet, smooth and strong, and has been used in India for millennia in Ayurvedic healing. Its strength makes it a nice morning tea, although we also drink it before bed to help relax and calm down

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Teas for Winter

We have an antioxidant-rich collection of winter warmers to help you feel cozy AND healthy this winter, without breaking the bank

We. Love. Our. Tea.

We drink our teas all the time (not exaggerating) and are constantly experimenting with new blends and mixes. A few years ago we tried to get 'into' matcha, and really struggled to like it. The price tag and variable quality also got our attention, not in a good way. 

We started traveling to hunt for great teas that would be easy to like, and voila, Matcha Alternatives was born!

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