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MA is supporting charities in 3 countries, places we think need the most help. We hope you, your friends and families are safe at home. For now, we suggest decaf tea to calm the nerves

MORE Antioxidants than Matcha!

Matcha is always in a smoothie, latte or cake. Why? To make the expensive powder last and hide the bitter taste!

Discover our ethical Matcha Alternatives from $6 + free shipping in the US

With the very best Rooibos, Green and Herbal Teas, we are your Antioxidant Tea Shop

Matcha VS Alternatives Comparison

We. Love. Our. Tea.

We are the tea-loving travel couple @travellingfortea: on the road for five years and married for nearly ten.

We did try to get "into" matcha, but the price and bitterness got our attention & not in a good way. This shop is our answer! 

We have collected a superb range of ethically sourced antioxidant-rich loose leaf teas that are delicious and affordable - come try them out!

- Elizabeth & Vientiene Taeed

Founders of

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Your Antioxidant Tea Shop: the BEST Matcha Alternatives

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