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All the antioxidants, with none of the cost or bitterness

When was the last time you drank matcha straight? It's always in a smoothie, latte or cake. Why? To make the expensive green powder last and hide the bitter taste!

Time for American matcha lovers (and haters!) to discover the best
Our loose leaf teas start at only $6, bundles from only $18 + free shipping!

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Moringa powder - the ultimate matcha alternative

Compared to matcha, moringa tea powder has more antioxidants and tastes so much better with no bitterness. It's still great for blending into your morning smoothie or sprinkled on top of your cereal. Plus it's a quarter the price and is a full protein!

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Tea Powder

Yerba Mate Tea - the mega caffeine alternative

Start your day off right with this powerfully flavored antioxidant-rich coffee replacement. Almost the same caffeine as a cup of coffee - but without the coffee jitters. Get ready to wake up!

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Mate Tea

Rooibos & Honeybush Tea - the daytime decaf alternative

The best all-day tea out there, with no caffeine and no bitterness, so come and explore our huge selection of fruity and floral blends. Plus green rooibos and honeybush have double the antioxidants of matcha!

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Chamomile tea - the sleepy time alternative

Soothing on the tummy and the perfect antioxidant tea to help you sleep through the night. It's naturally 100% caffeine free and is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known, used to fight indigestion and anxiety

Chamomile Tea

Green & Purple Tea - the vitamin rich low caffeine alternative

Often called the healthiest drink on the planet, for good reason: green tea has loads of antioxidants and energizes while enhancing focus. Plus, we stock a rare new tea type, Purple Tea, which even has that super blueberry antioxidant: anthocyanin!

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We. Love. Our. Tea.

We are the tea-loving travel couple @travellingfortea: on the road for five years and married for nearly ten.

A few years ago we tried to get "into" matcha, but the price tag and bitterness got our attention (not in a good way). This shop is our answer! 

We have collected a superb range of antioxidant-rich loose leaf teas that are delicious and affordable - time to start sipping!

- Elizabeth & Vientiene Taeed

Founders of

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