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Ever wanted to make your own tea blend? Try our new range of herbal blending ingredients that will help you create the perfect cup! Plus, learn the health benefits of each + suggested combos!

Superfood Teas for Focus & Peace

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Premium Alternatives to Matcha: Green, White, Rooibos, Chamomile, Mate & Herbal infusions
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We. Love. Our. Tea.

We are a US-UK tea-loving couple, now settled down after spending 5 years @TravellingforTea all around the world

During this time we saw the growing popularity of Matcha but struggled to like it ourselves. It's expensive and often bitter, and so always cut with sugar & fat in lattes & smoothies

Our solution? A curated variety of superfood teas that taste great while remaining calorie free: antioxidant-packed ethically-sourced leaf tea.

With a host of delicious green teas and caffeine free herbals, we specialize in teas for Focus & Peace.

- Elizabeth & Vientiene Taeed, Founders of

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Moringa - a direct matcha substitute

Versus matcha, our moringa tea powder has more antioxidants, tastes so much better (no bitterness) & is perfect for blending into smoothies or sprinkled on cereal. It's a quarter the price & a full vegan protein!

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Yerba Mate - a mega caffeine alternative

Start your day off right with this powerfully flavored antioxidant-rich coffee replacement. Almost the same caffeine as a cup of coffee - but without the coffee jitters. Get ready to wake up!

New to you? Click here for our [Spotlight on Yerba Mate] or...

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Rooibos & Honeybush - drink all day long

With no caffeine & no over-brewing, our selection of fruity & floral blends is perfect for iced tea. Plus did you know green rooibos & honeybush have TWICE the antioxidants of matcha?!

New to you? Click here for our [Rooibos vs Honeybush Comparison] or...

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Chamomile - the sleepy time alternative

Soothing on the tummy and the perfect antioxidant tea to help you sleep through the night. It's naturally 100% caffeine free and is one of the most ancient herbs known to fight indigestion and anxiety

Want to learn more? Click here for our [Spotlight on Chamomile] or...

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Green & Purple Tea - when you need focus

Green tea has loads of antioxidants to energize & enhances focus. Also try the new & rare Purple Tea, containing the super blueberry antioxidant: anthocyanin!

Want to learn more? Click here for our [Spotlight on Green Tea] or...

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In collaboration with Norwegian composer Peder B. Hellend, every purchase you make now comes with a free 30-minute track of relaxing music

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