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Matcha Alternatives Founders

We are tea lovers who don't really like matcha. It's too bitter, salty, expensive and dusty. However, it is super healthy (only when consumed without milk, yogurt, cream, honey or sugar, though, which is rare). And so began our quest to look beyond the matcha superfood fad and find teas that are equally healthy but also taste good!
 Each to their own right? We have been lucky enough to visit Japan several times and so have tried all sorts of matcha. We have liked only a handful ever, in temples or high-end tea houses, but never anywhere else despite our best efforts. 
 Some people love the flavour of matcha tea, but we are suspicious!! Ever noticed how matcha is everywhere in America now? But pure matcha is no where? It is almost always served in a milky sugary latte, baked into cookies, added to a sugary cake or brownies, to stirred into ice-cream etc. etc.
 Just search #matcha, #matchagreentea #matchalover or any other matcha hashtag on Instagram for yourself! Have we stumbled across the greatest conspiracy in history that goes all the way to the top? A shadowy cabal of bureaucrats, politicians and suits secretly flogging this powdered green tea for eye watering prices, all the while knowing no one likes the taste!? Well we have the answer...
 Jump off the bandwagon and join the counter-revolution!  
All the antioxidants, none of the cost and calories MatchaAlternatives.com!

Meet the Team 

Matcha Alternatives Co Founders


Elizabeth & Vientiene Ta'eed are dedicated tea drinkers and are always searching for the tastiest, healthiest option out there. They have traveled extensively on the hunt for delicious antioxidant-rich alternatives to matcha, and drink a few quarts of rooibos a day. When not searching for new teas or designing blends, Elizabeth manages our social media and Vientiene works on making us expand and grow. You can learn more about their tea travels on TravellingforTea.com (@TravellingforTea on Instagram). They are always on the move hunting for more teas and tisanes to add to the Matcha Alternatives collection. When not traveling or drinking tea, Elizabeth rides horses and Vientiene hones his photography skills.

The Dream Team

Julieta and Vero are our resident Argentinians and dedicated yerba mate drinkers who sometimes dabble with decaf. Julieta manages the day-to-day running of the shop, and Vero takes care of everything behind-the-scenes from Mendoza.
Matcha ALternatives Dream Team