Green & Purple Tea

Welcome to our loose leaf green tea collection! Antioxidant-rich offerings with low caffeine levels (30mg/cup, compared to coffee's 95mg!) and gorgeous brews. We have a delightfully varied selection of Japanese green teas, such as sencha, genmaicha and hojicha, and Chinese green teas such as dragonwell, dragon phoenix pearls and jasmine. And it gets even better: we have a range of flavors as well as pure! You'll soon have a tea for every occasion...

Purple Tea

Purple tea is taking the world by storm! Although technically classed as a green tea, its antioxidant levels are off the chart, with 1.5x more than green or black teas. Enjoy this fruity specialist tea with its overtones of black plum and a mildly woody nose. The liquor exhibits a lovely amber-violet color. A unique tea!

Purple tea is one of the big new players in the world of tea. Our Purple Tea is from the Camellia Sinensis Assamica, var. TRFK 306/1. The cultivar is amazing! Its name is from its distinctive purple leaves. Purple tea is a brand new special tea varietal, developed and grown uniquely in Kenya.