Matcha Alternatives Moringa & Tulsi Collection

Moringa & Tulsi

Moringa is the ultimate matcha alternative. Native to northern India, it is one of the most remarkable teas we have discovered: It is super rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and nutrients, and our only moringa is sold in powdered form. This means that you consume the ENTIRE leaf, not just an infusion from the leaves, so you get all the moringa goodness. If has a vegetal, spinach-like flavor similar to matcha, but without matcha’s bitterness, and is caffeine-free. Its adaptogenic properties help to give a natural energy.

Holy Basil, or Tulsi, tea… does not taste anything like the basil you are imagining. Originally from India, and one of the holiest plants in the Hindu faith, the flavour is rich, warm, herbaceous and with a light spice and sweetness. We love it for its antioxidant content and being caffeine free, perfect for the insomniacs out there who need a calming brew before bed.

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