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Moringa Chicken and Dumpling Stew - MA Recipes

Posted by Stephany Morgan

If you can’t already tell, I LOVE Moringa. It tastes amazing, is an energizing adaptogenic tea (meaning it modulates the activity of our body systems), is so rich in nutrients in counts as a superfood, and is (a rare feat for a plant) high in protein with all essential amino acids. It also has more antioxidants than Matcha (ORAC of 1575 vs matcha's 1384). Can it get any better? Well…Yes!

Great news: Moringa can be consumed as more than “just tea”, (okay, ignore the “just” part, tea is phenomenal), but if you want more options for getting those wonderful nutrients and protein into your diet, we should look at ways to include it in our every-day meals.

Today’s first installment in my new recipe series (!) is a DELICIOUS meal that puts other winter comfort foods to shame in both flavor and nutrition. Warm, filling, aromatic, and scrumptious, this will leave you scraping your bowl and licking your lips, utterly guilt free. 

So, without further ado...


Moringa Chicken and Dumpling Stew

Serves about 6
Prep time: 40 minutes
Cook time: 25 minutes

Moringa stew in pot  - Matcha AlternativesDon’t be intimidated - this recipe is actually super easy and fairly quick! Certain variations will make it go faster (for example, if you choose to use a supermarket rotisserie chicken or other pre-cooked chicken instead of roasting your own).

This is a versatile and easy to customize recipe. The asterisks indicate easy-to-subtitute ingredients.


Stew Ingredients

4 ribs celery, chopped
3 carrot sticks, chopped
1 cup peas
½ cup broccoli
½ cup cauliflower
4-5 fresh garlic cloves, crushed and chopped
¼ cup onion, chopped
2 Tbsp parsley (fresh), or 1 Tbsp dried
1 Tbsp thyme (fresh), chopped or ½ Tbsp dried
¼-½ tsp chicken seasoning
½ tsp lemon pepper seasoning
½ tsp black pepper, powdered*
1 tsp rosemary, chopped (fresh), or ½ tsp dried rosemary, crushed
8 Tbsp butter*
8 Tbsp cornstarch, heaped*
15 oz Chicken (or more, depending on your preference)
2 quarts chicken bone broth*
Salt, to taste
And the all-important moringa:
 About ¼ cup Matcha Alternatives Superior Organic Moringa Tea Powder (about 3 Tbsp)


Dumpling (Drop biscuits) Ingredients

moringa dumpling biscuit mix  - Matcha Alternatives

Option A:
Follow the recipe on a biscuit mix box, such as Bisquick (regular or gluten free), and add ½ tsp garlic powder, and ½ tsp Matcha Alternatives Superior Organic Moringa Tea Powder.

Option B:
From Scratch!

1 cup flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill all purpose baking blend, in the blue package)
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
½ tsp garlic powder
½ tsp Matcha Alternatives Superior Organic Moringa Tea Powder
4 Tbsp butter*
4 Tbsp milk (or dairy free milk)
1 egg*



Moringa stew broccoli pot - Matcha AlternativesStep 1:
Prep the biscuit dough by combining dry ingredients separately from the wet ingredients. Slowly add dry ingredients to the wet ingredients. Set aside.

Pro-tip: With the gluten-free version, make sure not to over-knead the dough.  Only knead until sufficiently mixed 


Step 2:
In a large stew pot combine: butter, carrots, celery, onion, and garlic, and seasonings. Cook on low and saute the vegetables for a few minutes (Pro-tip: Add a few tablespoons water periodically if things get dry). Next, add the cornstarch, stirring quickly. Add a cup of bone broth and the moringa powder. Stir until mixed. Add the chicken, the rest of the bone broth, and simmer, stirring occasionally.


Step 3:

Pull heaped tablespoon-sized pieces of dough from the biscuit dough and drop into the stew. When they are all added, cook on low, uncovered for 10-15 minutes.

Cover and cook on low for 15 minutes. Done! Serve hot with a square of cornbread and dollop of honey.


Moringa and corn bread - Matcha Alternatives



Black pepper: I use a black and red pepper blend

Butter: Equal amounts of Ghee (a lactose-free clarified butter which also lacks casein), or vegan butter, such as SmartBalance. Even an oil such as olive, coconut, or sunflower seed oil.

Corn Starch: Substituted in equal amounts with Tapioca starch/flour, potato starch, or powdered kudzu root.

Bone broth: Regular chicken broth, or the equivalent amount of chicken stock and water, also works. I recommend bone broth for the nutrient composition and rich flavor, though.

Egg: This can be substituted with a vegan egg substitute, or a “flax egg”. To make a Flax/Chia egg: For one egg, combine 1 Tbsp powdered seed, and 3 Tbsp water. Mix, and let sit for ten minutes. Add in place of the egg.


moringa stew and moringa bag - Matcha Alternatives


A Note From The Herbalist...

I love to include moringa in my meals for the health benefits. In fact, it goes so well with savory dishes, that it’s tough to choose a favorite. However, on those cold winter nights this one takes the cake!

Not only is it tasty, this organic superfood packs a powerful nutritional punch by infusing the meals with an abundance of nutrients like protein (Moringa contains all 9 essential amino acids), B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Also, one fun fact about this recipe is that due to the simmering, the iron becomes more bioavailable! You can even enjoy a glass of orange juice with or immediately following the meal, as the vitamin C helps iron absorption.

Finally, I am a herb-and-spice fiend, so feel free to adjust the amounts of culinary herbs to your liking. Bon appetit!


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Superior Organic Moringa Tea Powder - More antioxidants than matcha, and tastes sweet and grassy, smooth and not at all bitter or dusty

How is this an alternative to matcha? Its ORAC is ~1575 vs matcha's 1384, and with matcha's hefty price tag you'd need to spend 5.7x more on Matcha for the same antioxidant hit

Ingredients: Small-batch organic moringa from India




All of the information regarding the herbs, botanicals, minerals, vitamins, etc., is information drawn from traditional use data or academic research and should be regarded as such. If you, the reader, has a health or medical concern, please consult your healthcare professional. The information found here is not meant to diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure and has not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is for educational purposes only.


Moringa References and Further Reading

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  • Deelicious! Perfect for Mum and me. Thank you. Indians who have always used Moringa the way they use spinach are discovering drinking it as tea is also sooo good!


  • I believe it’s time to prep a cup of Moringa tea and craft a shopping list for this enticing moringa chicken stew with dumplings. What a nice surprise to come across this blog.

    Janet A Birch

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