Best 5 Teas + Songs to Lower Stress

5 Best Tea + Song Combos to Lower Stress and Boost Your Mood

Posted by Lauren Leese

Music has the power to inspire emotion in all of us - from rousing Broadway numbers to your feel-good Spotify playlist, songs alter our moods whenever we need to get pumped up, wind down, or feel understood.

However, wouldn’t music be even better at changing your mood if you could also taste it?

With this in mind, I’ve created 5 pairings of tea + music to help boost your mood, whether you’re looking for…


  • A way to relax and stop stressing (who doesn’t want that right now?!)
  • A shot of energy to motivate you on that project
  • A push to get focused on your work
  • A boost of happiness to improve your day
  • A little more confidence to help you achieve your goals


… this post and these drinks have you covered!

All of the teas on this list are vegan and paleo-friendly, and I’ve provided keto-friendly and decaffeinated alternatives where necessary. After all, everyone deserves a healthy way to boost their mood! (For more info on which teas are keto and paleo-friendly, read this)

And yes, I’m new here! I’m Lauren, an avid tea blogger and cook, and I’m super excited to be joining I especially love drinking tea while listening to music, so while MA hasn’t managed to create actual music in liquid form (yet), these combos are the very next best thing.

Okay, let’s get started!


    1. Tea + Music: For Relaxation

    The Tea: Pretty in Purple Lavender Chamomile
    The Music: Dance of Life by Peder B. Helland
    Click here to listen on Youtube


    Dance of Life album art - Peder B HellandNorwegian composer and all-around wonderful person Peder B. Helland is the owner of music production company Soothing Relaxation, which is dedicated to creating calming tracks for whenever you need some ambient peacefulness in your life. Every song is meticulously created and arranged in-house by Peder himself. His Dance of Life album contains ten beautiful songs, including the titular track, whose harp melody twines with the overtones of flutes and strings to create the ultimate relaxing ambiance.

    Pretty in Purple Lavender Chamomile tea for relaxationFor an ideal relaxing tea blend that will melt that stress away, look no further than our Pretty in Purple Lavender Chamomile. It’s the perfect pairing for Dance of Life’s tranquil tones, and makes for a great precursor to a good night’s sleep - or, let’s be honest, an afternoon nap! With lashings of luxurious French lavender, this tea will send you sailing over waves of relaxation. I love taking my tea hot when I’m trying to wind down, but this blend works great over ice as well, so you can take your relaxation session outside in the summer sun! Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Chill out.”

    Want to get the soundtrack to your ultimate relaxation session for absolutely free? 

    We think Peder’s songs pair so well with tea that we want our fellow tea-lovers to be able to get his music with no hassle and no cost. Read all the details on our new FeelGood Music collaboration at the end of this post!


    2. Tea + Music: For Energy

    The Tea: Zing in Your Step Lemon Yerba Mate

    The Music: Bored by Tessa Violet
    Click here to listen on Youtube


    Bad Ideas album art - Tessa VioletWith her distinct indie-pop style, singer-songwriter Tessa Violet has garnered a huge organic following from her previous career as a YouTube vlogger. Her single “Bored,” whose release date in mid-April led to it being hailed as a quarantine anthem, provides some sympathy for those of us who are mourning our lost productivity, and gives us permission to be frustrated - which ends up being totally freeing. Once this song helps you get some of that lethargy out of your system, you’ll be motivated to continue with whatever you wanted to do today, whether that’s finishing a big project or just reading a little more of that book you said you were going to finish but didn’t (totally not a personal example …).

    Zing in Your Step Lemon Yerba Mate tea for energyAnd if this song wasn’t enough to help you get up and running, our Zing in Your Step Lemon Yerba Mate has you covered! I’m a sucker for anything lemon, because I love the energizing and refreshing zing, and this brew literally has “zing” in the name. Its citrusy blend of green yerba mate, lemongrass, and lemon peel contains a boost of antioxidants and caffeine, making it a delicious, healthy alternative to coffee. What’s more, yerba mate doesn’t lead to the “coffee jitters” or the crash that usually accompanies a cup of joe, so you can stay alert and energetic all day long. (For more info about yerba mate and its benefits, check out this post.) This blend is super yummy both hot and iced, and if you have a sweet tooth, it goes perfectly with a drizzle of honey!

    If you’re looking for a decaf, keto-friendly alternative: Try our Happy Tummy Ginger Rooibos: This gingery zing will help you get your head back in the game, not to mention giving your digestive system a boost as a bonus. It’s also delectable as an iced tea, and if your diet allows it, feel free to add a splash of lemon juice for an extra refreshing twist.


      3. Tea + Music: For Focus

      The Tea: Mighty Mint Green Tea

      The Music: Piano Jam 2 by Kygo 
      Click here to listen on Youtube


      Norwegian DJ and songwriter Kygo is best known for his modern pop music, having won several awards and collaborated with artists such as Selena Gomez, Imagine Dragons, and Ellie Goulding. However, he is also a gifted piano player, and he has released several of his piano “jam sessions” for people to relax to, study to, and meditate to. His Piano Jam 2 album art - Kygo“Piano Jam 2”  strikes the perfect balance for a study or work session, with enough ambient vibes to avoid distracting you while also being up-tempo enough to keep you alert and focused.


      A perfect focus tea requires a strong, delicious flavor, so leave it to the refreshing taste of our Mighty Mint Green Tea for focusMighty Mint Green Tea to boost your mood and get you into the zone! Whenever I have to sit down and focus on a project, I always brew a cup of tea to reward myself - after all, the hardest part is getting started. This sharp yet smooth cup of mint green tea contains heapings of EGCG (the antioxidant which helps with focus) and a moderate level of caffeine, resulting in a calming tea that still keeps you alert - no jitters to ruin your study session! (I once made the mistake of chugging a high-caffeine drink right before I did my taxes … not the best idea...)

      If you’re looking for a decaf option: Try our Don’t Ginger Yourself Chai Rooibos! I’m a huge fan of drinking chai in particular during a work session, since it’s both a yummy treat and an invigorating dose of spices. The rich, aromatic flavor of our Don’t Ginger Yourself blend provides a completely caffeine-free way to keep focused.


      4. Tea + Music: For Happiness

      The Tea: Candied Pineapple Ginger Green Rooibos

      The Music: Break by Kero Kero Bonito
      Click here to listen on Youtube


      Bonito Generation album art - Kero Kero BonitoTime for a comedic, off-kilter one! London-based indie band Kero Kero Bonito is known for their chill yet upbeat style, with the songs from their debut “Break,”album Bonito Generation showing a strong J-Pop influence. Many of us may be stuck at home with nothing to do, but “Break” in which lead singer Sarah Bonito sings and raps in both Japanese and English, celebrates the happiness of, well, taking a break! The music video shows a sunglasses-wearing, colorfully-clothed Bonito lazing around in a chair in various places in London as people bustle around her. The interlude where she calls up her band members and tells them she’s decided not to come in and record today is especially relatable.

      A playful song has to be paired with a playful brew, and our Candied Pineapple Ginger Green Rooibos tea for happiness Candied Pineapple Ginger Green Rooibos makes for a sweet but healthy blend that will instantly lift anyone’s spirits! It works great as both a hot and iced tea, perfect for chilling in the garden in a patio chair as summer approaches. If you want it even sweeter, add a squeeze of honey or agave. Oh, and it’s decaf, so you can drink as much as you want without breaking out of your lazy mood. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

      If you’re looking for a keto-friendly alternative: Try our Licorice Sunshine Rooibos! Fruity tea might not be for everyone, but a sunny mood-boosting brew certainly is. With a generous sprinkle of anise and sunflower petals and a natural licorice flavor, this blend will make you feel just like Sarah Bonito in her deck chair. Stress? We don’t know her.


      5. Tea + Music: For Confidence

      The Tea: Deep Breath Rooibos Tulsi

      The Music: Hold My Heart by Lindsey Stirling
      Click here to listen on Youtube


      Classically-trained violinist and songwriter Lindsey Sterling has gained a huge following thanks to her soaring violin melodies intertwined with modern electronic and dubstep elements. Brave Enough album art - Lindsey Stirling“Hold My Heart,” her collaboration with singer ZZ Ward, deals with themes of freedom and empowerment, and brings to mind images of skipping through a field of daisies with your head held high. The music video, which features a genderbent Alice in Wonderland scenario where Stirling plays the white rabbit, is especially fun (and also features lots of tea-drinking - I approve!).

      Of course, a bold song demands a bold cup of tea, and our Deep Breath Rooibos Tulsi tea for confidenceDeep Breath Rooibos Tulsi fits the bill perfectly. The strong, herbaceous flavor of the tulsi and the smooth rooibos balance out to create the perfect decaf blend for fueling the boss you truly are. If, like most people, you’ve never tried tulsi tea, even better - there’s nothing more uplifting than discovering a delicious new treat! You won’t find any caffeinated shenanigans here, but you will find a super-healthy brew that can help power you throughout the day.


      So there you have it: The five best tea and song pairings for the perfect mood!



      Not everyone gets out of bed in a great mood every morning, but luckily it is possible to lift your spirits and lower your stress by giving your brain and body a healthy treat. Music is great on its own, but it’s a million times better with a corresponding tea and a ton of antioxidants.

      Next time you need a quick pick-me-up or a way to relax, simply flip on a song, whip up one of these delicious brews, and enjoy your new carefree mood!

      FeelGood Musical Notes

      BONUS: FeelGood Music now with Every Order!

      This blog marks the exciting launch of new collaboration with Peder B. Hellend! (Click here to scroll up and read about him)
      Now, every purchase you make from comes with a free download of the extended version of songs from the Dance of Life album!
      Each expanded track lasts around thirty minutes, making them perfect for studying, meditation, or just ambient backing music for a relaxing afternoon. Excitingly, we’ll be offering a new song every month, so you can collect the entire album over the coming year - for free!

      FeelGood Musical Notes

      A Note from Lauren

      I'm always on the lookout for new music to add to my feel-good playlist, so let me know what some of your favorite mood-boosting songs are in the comments! I’d also love to connect with you on Instagram @matchaalternatives - follow along for tea facts, recommendations, and lots of pretty tea travel photos. 

      Here’s to a day of stress-free moods - here are the teas to make that happen! Happy tea drinking, everyone. :-)


      Pretty in Purple Lavender Chamomile tea for relaxation Pretty in Purple Lavender Chamomile tea for relaxation
      Zing in Your Step Lemon Yerba Mate tea for energy Zing in Your Step Lemon Yerba Mate tea for energy
      Mighty Mint Green Tea for focus Mighty Mint Green Tea for focus
      Candied Pineapple Ginger Green Rooibos tea for happiness Candied Pineapple Ginger Green Rooibos tea for happiness
      Deep Breath Rooibos Tulsi tea for confidence Deep Breath Rooibos Tulsi tea for confidence



      All of the information regarding the herbs, botanicals, minerals, vitamins, etc., is information drawn from traditional use data or academic research and should be regarded as such. If you, the reader, has a health or medical concern, please consult your healthcare professional. The information found here is not meant to diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure and has not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is for educational purposes only.


      References and Further Reading

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      • What extraordinary, fantastically named teas, reflecting their magick, that which relaxes, energizes, focuses, and boosts happiness & confidence! My favourite tea I desire to try the most … is Candied Pineapple Ginger Green Rooibos, what a decadently whimsical name ! Something you might find at a summer fairground ! ~ Tigris Ta’eed XX

        Tigris Ta'eed

      • Wow! I also love to listen to music while drinking tea. I’ll definitely add these songs to my playlist – thanks for all of the recommendations!


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