Dalgona Whipped Moringa Latte + Vegan Version - MA Recipes

Dalgona Whipped Moringa Latte + Vegan Version - MA Recipes

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Guest Author: Chef Jon Cholakian

G|astronomy by Jon  | @GastronomybyJon

Chef Jon loves creating unique dishes with bold flavor and vibrant color. His gorgeous food presentations are inspired by the night sky, hence the name G|astronomy. With this recipe, Jon utilizes his flair for the delicious and beautiful to create a one-of-a-kind beverage, with easy instructions for you to follow along at home!


Hi there! My name is Jon from @GastronomybyJon, and I'm so excited to be collabing with MatchaAlternatives.com on this cool recipe!

Dalgona has become the new go-to drink, and for good reason! It's fun, delicious, and versatile. Also known as Whipped Coffee or Whipped Latte, it's originally from Korea where it's made with instant coffee or matcha powder. After taste-testing my favorite is actually with moringa powder! It has more depth and complexity, and still has the bright green fun that matcha adds.

I discovered moringa just this winter and have loved experimenting with it. I quite enjoyed moringa powder as a hot tea, both for its taste and its high antioxidants, but I think it REALLY shines in this recipe and desserts in general. It reminds me of a Malaysian lassi - minus the fruit of course! There's no reason you couldn’t use coconut milk for it too, which will give it a fun tropical flair.

It also pairs beautifully with anything spicy - it's such a nice creamy and milky drink, and so would go really well with anything like a laksa or a hot curry.

The below steps are really easy, and results in a ridiculously delicious indulgence! The caramel stick / tuile is fun to make, stir and nibble on too and goes great with the meringue topping. So without further ado, with a load more nutrients, protein and antioxidants than the matcha equivalent: here's how to make the best Dalgona you'll ever try!


 Never heard of Moringa? Learn all about it here:
Learn loads more about this adaptogenic tea in our intro blog: Moringa: The Energizing, Caffeine-Free Matcha Alternative


 Moringa Dalgona Whipped Latte Organic

Dalgona Moringa Whipped Latte Recipe

Serves 2 people, takes approx. 20 minutes......or 22 minutes if you’re taking pictures and tagging @MatchaAlternatives and @GastronomybyJon in your socials! WINK WINK ;-)

I recommend reading through the recipe once before starting.




  • 3 heaped Tsp Matcha Alternatives Superior Organic Moringa Tea Powder 
  • 2 large egg whites (or 3 medium) (see below for vegan options)
  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 large glasses of cold milk, almond milk, coconut milk or any other milk of your choice. Coconut milk definitely gives it a tropical feel!
  • Ice cubes


Moringa Whipped Latte Ingredients



Sugar Syrup for DalgonaStart by adding the sugar and water to a small saucepan, on a medium-high heat. Simmer with the lid on until all the sugar is melted and the liquid has thickened into a syrup. Remove half the syrup and set aside to cool. Leave the other half on the heat.

Drop two egg whites into a medium or large mixing bowl. Use an electric whisk to whisk the egg whites into a big, fluffy mound with semi-stiff peaks. (If you don’t have an electric whisk, you can whisk it by hand, too. Just prepare for a workout. No bad thing while we're all stuck at home!)

Adding Sugar Syrup to Meringue for Dalgona LatteAdd the set-aside/cooled sugar syrup to the egg whites and continue whisking until incorporated and your mixture has a nice, glossy sheen. We do this both to add necessary sweetness, and to ‘cook’ the egg whites. (Ensure the syrup has cooled substantially, otherwise you’ll get scrambled eggs! The time is takes you to whip meringue is usually fine)

Add the moringa powder to the mixture and whisk one final time, until you have an awesome, green bowl of billowy goodness.

Moringa Dalgona Meringue

Return to the other half of the sugar syrup, still on the heat, which should now be a golden brown caramel colour. Lightly oil or butter a plate, tray or piece of parchment paper. Carefully pour the caramel from the pan to form a stick. This will be our caramel stick, great for stirring, slurping and crunching! Keep it as thin as you can, so it’s easier to snap and bite when ready. Aside from that, make whatever size and shape you like.

Caramel Sugar StirrersThe caramel will set hard within about 30 seconds, so move quickly to lift it carefully from its surface while it’s still slightly warm and pliable. If you wait too long, it will set firm and you’ll never remove it without breaking it. Moving it is the trickiest part of this entire recipe! Once lifted, set aside to finish cooling.

Milk and Ice Cubs for DalgonaAdd some ice to two of your favourite glasses/mugs and pour in the milk to two thirds full. With a spoon, delicately float a big dollop of your green moringa mixture on top of the milk to fill each glass. Shape into a dome.

Finish by adding a straw and your cool caramel stick. Then revel in your big, green Moringa Dalgona delight. Enjoy!!

Moringa Dalgona with Sugar Stirrer


    How to Make a Vegan Dalgona (Milk and Egg-Free Option)

    You can absolutely substitute cows' milk for any other type of milk as the base of the drink itself, such as almond, oat, soy, coconut, hemp, rice, etc!

    To substitute the egg whites for a vegan option, you have two main options: coconut whip or whipped aquafaba (what's this? Read on...). Unlike with egg whites, both of these options really need an electric mixer as otherwise you'll be whisking for a LONG time!

    • Coconut whip is made by whipping a can of very well chilled coconut cream with 2-3 Tbs powdered sugar until you have light, fluffy peaks.
    • Aquafaba whip is made by whipping the liquid from one can of beans (usually around 1/4 cup, chickpeas work great), with 1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar and 2-3 Tbs powdered sugar. Whip for 6-8 minutes or until it's thick and fluffy. 

    Once you have your whip, stir in the moringa as before, and place onto your cold glass of almond milk (or any milk-alternative) and hey presto - you've made a Vegan Moringa Dalgona! Then follow the rest of the recipe above and you'll get this!


    Moringa Dalgona Whipped Latte Healthy Breakfast


    A Note From Chef Jon...

    I love trying new ingredients and learning what makes them sing. Moringa is an exciting one, as the fine green powder adds a lot of flavor AND color, and is a heck of a lot more affordable than matcha. Plus, critically, it tastes absolutely delicious (I personally find matcha often bitter).

    Moringa seems to lend itself to sweetness, so it works really nicely with the sugar in this recipe. In fact, designing this drink has actually helped me develop a sauce for a monkfish dish I'm working on, seeing how its flavor changes and responds to sweetness. So come back for that!

    Now go make and enjoy this Whipped Dalgona wonder-drink - and tag me in your photos on Instagram @GastronomybyJon so I can see how you've gotten on! Happy to answer any questions you might have too. 

    Chef Jon Cholakian

    G|astronomy by Jon: Bespoke private dining and catering


    Gastronomy by Jon Logo


    Superior Organic Moringa Tea Powder  

    Superior Organic Moringa Tea Powder - More antioxidants than matcha, and tastes sweet and grassy, smooth and not at all bitter or dusty

    How is this an alternative to matcha? Its ORAC is ~1575 vs matcha's 1384, and with matcha's hefty price tag you'd need to spend 5.7x more on Matcha for the same antioxidant hit

    Ingredients: Small-batch organic moringa from India




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